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CEO and Chief Creative Officer at Digital Surgeons
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Digital Surgeons

Pete Sena is a design-led entrepreneur who possesses a rare combination of high creative IQ, technology expertise and business acumen. He has built a successful enterprise by mixing tried and true corporate strategies and philosophies with unconventional thinking, weaving together ideas from different disciplines to communicate with business partners on a human level. Pete is a proponent of the power of metaphor and can find inspiration from unlikely sources (even nature). Pete co-founded and currently leads the global innovation and design experience company, Digital Surgeons, on the principle of translating design thinking into action. He has authored dozens articles on number topics including digital disruption, data integration and recent cloud/CRM company mergers. Pete enjoys serving as a mentor and facilitator, with regular speaking engagements at INC 5000 companies, Ivy League Universities and Fortune 500 corporations.

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We Design Demand.

We work with ambitious brands and businesses who understand that investing in design, brand experience, and growth-centric digital marketing truly have the ability to grow and shape their organization – the ones who aren’t just willing to make a change, but are ready to start embracing the future.

I’m Pete Sena, founder and CEO of Digital Surgeons. We’re a global innovation and experience design company that accelerates business growth through experience design, creative marketing, and digital business model innovation.

Put simply; we design demand and engineer growth for brands through digital experiences.

A bit about me: I’m an entrepreneur in every sense. Equal parts scrappy, gritty, and antifragile. I’ve been told I have a sixth sense for predicting (and, in turn, preparing for) abrupt shifts in the digital climate, which I like to think makes me the Oracle from The Matrix, because you could also say I’m a nerd. In fact, before and high-speed internet, I taught myself to code by referencing programming books (by hand) in the corner of a Barnes and Noble, because that was the type of education I could afford.

Like I said, I’m scrappy.

I’ve been known to remix tried and true strategies with unconventional thinking, splicing together ideas from different worlds, cultures, and sectors to create a mashup that connects people on a human level. That’s how Digital Surgeons was created.

Together, we believe organizations who are willing to invest in curiosity and digital innovation, and are open to evolving their strategy, will stay relevant and drive more demand for their products and services. We exist to connect, create, disrupt and inspire, helping those organizations drive the engagement and results others envy. It’s why I wake up in the morning.

So, let’s talk about why you wake up in the morning. Let’s talk about how I can emcee a co-creation workshop for you where I’ll cut through the tunnel vision in order to surface unforseen threats. Let’s talk about how I might help you and your team discover the creative approaches necessary to future-proof your organization.

Let’s talk!


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