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Director of Tradie Web Guys, director of The Site Shed podcast and founding partner and digital expert at TradiematePro
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"You're green and growing, or ripe and rotting"

Formerly a plumber, Matt noticed that a lot of the other agencies and digital companies out there weren’t taking care of ‘trade based businesses’ the right way (or at all).

Are you a tradesperson, looking for an edge in a competitive market?
Are you looking to grow your business to the next level, expand your market presence, or dominate your industry?

Did you know that two thirds of Australians will research you online before they call you? So if you're driving along in your work truck and someone sees your logo, they're more likely to 'google you', before they call you.

Now more than ever, as a tradie it's paramount that you have a strong, professional online representation. If you don't, you're a click away from someone that does.

For years and years I always dreamed of being in a situation where I am able to give back to the industry that has given me so much.
Starting Tradie Web Guys certainly has done that, however The Site Shed is set to make tracks in the industry.

Both these companies are designed to deliver great products while educating and assisting my fellow tradies and contractors on not only the ever advancing online world, but also business in general.

I am passionate about being able to add value to the trades, so tune into the podcast and if you like what you hear, PLEASE LEAVE US A REVIEW!

You can reach me at either:
Tradie Web Guys -
The Site Shed -
Rock and Roll!

Meet Matt Jones from The Site Shed.

Formerly a plumber, Matt noticed that a lot of the other agencies and digital companies out there weren’t taking care of ‘trade based businesses’ the right way (or at all).

This led him to start his own Digital Agency, Tradie Web Guys, which provides digital solutions such as websites and marketing strategies specifically for trade based businesses.

His love for educating and teaching resulted in the development of The Site Shed. The Site Shed is a dedicated podcast and training resource for trade based business owners across the globe.  

It started as a way to provide relevant, helpful information to the industry and has now grown into Australia’s number one podcast and one of the world’s leading education platforms for tradies and contractors.

The SIte Shed also runs business workshops in amazing ski and surf locations, including New Zealand and Japan which you can see more about at

Matt regularly presents at workshops and industry events both locally and abroad and is a sought after guest on podcasts of all types.

Living on Sydney's Northern Beaches with his wife Amanda, when he's not working you'll either find him surfing, skiing, or training.

TradiematePRO BIO

Over the years of running Australia’s leading business podcast for Tradies, The Site Shed, I have come across a lot of programs and ‘specialists’ that claim to have all of the answers.

Many of these individuals and companies are brilliant and offer an amazing resource, however many don’t.

The reason that I endource tradiematepro and the reason that I am proud to be affiliated with them is because unlike many of the programs that I have seen, this one is unique.

The content behind tradiematepro comes from a collective group of experts that all specialise in their own area of business. It’s not one person, trying to be everything to everyone. That is revolutionary.

It’s like having a collective team of experts at your disposal. To guide you on your journey.

I can’t think of a better resource for tradies and contractors alike. It’s the biggest shake up the trades has seen.

Matt Jones

TMP Digital and Web Expert

Director - Tradie Web Guys

Director The Site Shed

Tradie Web Guys

The Site Shed

Matt Jones

  • Tradie Web Guys was recently nominated for '2019 Marketing Initiative Of The Year' at the Australian Construction Awards for our work in helping business owners better tell their story using their websites.


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