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I am passionate in my desire to see small business owners pay the least amount of tax possible through utilizing tax planning services. I don't just record history (tax preparation), I want to help you write the future through formal tax planning.

I have spent many years providing high-quality bookkeeping, payroll, QuickBooks, and income tax services to my clientele. Over the years I have seen the need to assist business owners in the quest for knowledge of how to operate a successful business. I have implemented a system to educate my clients in ways to be more successful in their businesses.

Specialties: Individual income tax preparation, business income tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting, budget preparation




At Adept Business Solutions, our mission is to assist businesses with Tax Planning and Profit Planning while delivering Out-Of-This-World client service.  We employ team members who see the value in the services we provide, help us grow, and go above and beyond for our clients.  Our vision is to be nationally known for Tax Planning and Profit Planning services.   

Since 1995, Adept Business Solutions has served businesses and individuals across the United States.  Conveniently located on Highway 53 in Rathdrum, we are actively involved in our local community through membership in several chambers of commerce as well as sponsoring the annual food drive to benefit the Rathdrum Food Bank.

Would you like to spend less on taxes and increase your bottom line?  We can help!  

Successful entrepreneurs plan ahead.  At Adept Business Solutions, we specialize in identifying missed opportunities that result in overpayment of taxes.  Then we design a custom plan for your business to save as much in tax as legally possible.  As of September 2018, we have saved our clients $1,876,857 that would have otherwise gone to the IRS!  When was the last time your tax accountant came to you with an idea that will save money on your taxes?

Would you like to be able to set the percent of profit your business generates on a monthly basis, instead of waiting until the end of the month to see what is left over?  If so, then you should look into Profit Planning.  Profit Planning is a pro-active investment in your bottom line.  You plan for and control your monthly profit, instead of letting the ups and downs of business determine what your bottom line will be. 

Intrigued?  Give us a call today!  Our expertise in coaching businesses through tax planning and profit planning may save you thousands!


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