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Contractor, publicist, PR marketing and lead generation specialist for Contractor Media, and the co-founder of Semantic Mastery
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About Bradley Benner:

Bradley Benner is a senior partner and member on the board of directors at Semantic Mastery. Beginning in the technical trades industry, he became a certified electrician at the age of 19 and spent an additional 4 years in the electrical and communications industry.

In 2003, Bradley left the technical trades industry to launch a real estate investing business. This is where he learned that for a business to succeed, it needed to market itself effectively. So he proceeded to dive into studying the art and science of marketing.

Since 2003, he has been directly involved with marketing for various industries including real estate, service contractors, mortgage industry, and nightclub/event promotions.

In 2010, Bradley noticed that the marketing landscape had shifted to the digital space, so once again he pursued learning all he could about web design, SEO, and social media.

Since then he has developed an obsession with online marketing and has built his consulting business, Big Bamboo Marketing, into a total digital marketing solution for small business.

He has also taken the role of teacher and coach and regularly holds private and group training sessions where he educates others, including local marketer and content marketer, on how to get results with their online marketing activities and how to play and be successful with the semantic web. He, together with the other Semantic Mastery senior partners, also hosts the weekly digital marketing Q&A called Hump Day Hangouts that is live streamed via Google Hangouts. The team's YouTube channel is packed with useful SEO resources with topics ranging from content curation to drive stack.

Social: Bradley is a proud Christian and father of a beautiful girl, Ava, who he spends as much time with as he can.


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