5 Steps to Hire Top Performers

The Step-By-Step Hiring Process I Used To Build A 8-Figure Business…Revealed

Other entrepreneurs ask me all the time… “How do you hire all these A players in your business!?” I laugh because hey, why should I give away my secrets?

But today, I’m giving away my best hiring guide that helped us hire over 200 top employees in 10 states for free. My team is telling me that I am nuts. But I don’t care.

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11 years ago, I started my business with 50K in debt and no employees. Today, A1Garage is about to cross the $30 million dollar mark in revenue, and it has 200 employees in 10 states.  

My experience running one of the top home service businesses in the country has motivated me to launch The Home Service Expert Podcast to help other entrepreneurs succeed just like I did. 

Tommy Mello - The Home Service Expert


It took me more than 10 years of trial and error to pick up these hiring tricks. But now that I have a proper system in place, hiring is a breeze. In this guide, I will be sharing the exact steps we use to find top employees, from where to find A+ candidates, to how to turn your job post into a talent magnet. I’m only giving this guide out to the first 100 people, because I like rewarding people who take action. And remember, if you get this guide, you’re automatically in the running for more amazing giveways.

The 5 Steps To Hire Top Performers

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