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Thor Conklin
About You & About Your Company: As a child, I was obsessed with knowing how things worked. I could always be found tearing apart some toy, electronic device or engine to see how it worked. This eventually lead me to studying humans to figure out what makes us tick.My Entrepreneurial addiction started at age 13 when I became a caddie. I did not know it then but the countless hours of working as a caddie on the golf course, walking, talking and asking non stop questions of the business elite, would have a profound influence on my career and life long fascination of studying and modeling Peak Performers. I am always trying to find ways to add value to others. Through speaking, teaching and sharing what I’ve learned with other entrepreneurs and business leaders, I am able to help executives with limited time achieve more.THE LESSONS OF MY JOURNEY: Grit!As a 6’4” lanky 13-year-old, I did not have the build of a typical caddie. While working for one of the most prestigious Golf Clubs in New Jersey, 8 hours could pass without being selected by one of the members – because I didn’t “look the part”. With no salary, no contract and no wages, other than bag fees and tips from the members, I would be the first to arrive to the caddie shack each morning – sometimes before the sun – to watch and learn what it took to be a great caddie. Eventually, I became a regular for one of the wealthiest members of the club who was an Entrepreneur. This afforded me a 4 -8 hour, daily, free education about business and entrepreneurship. Eventually, I was able to arrive 15 minutes before my golfer’s tee time, as we had developed an exclusive relationship, allowing me to go from working harder than everyone else to working efficiently! Without realizing it at the time – I had taken advantage of another success necessity….Mentorship & ModelingUpon graduating from high –school, unsure of what I wanted to do and pumping gas for a living ( Yes – in NJ someone pumps your gas ) , I took a job as a door –to –door life insurance salesman. Soon, with the voice of my mentor in my head, I realized that most of my co-workers knew nothing of the industry, sales, marketing or human behavior. It occurred to me that if I wanted to make exceptional money, in this field, I’d have to make a very important investment – in myself. The journey continued though, endless training modules, teleconferences, nights at the library pouring over books about, sales, marketing, and human psychology. If you want to learn and grow beyond measure, try selling life insurance at 18 years old. The constant “No’s” and lack of success was the best training ground possible. Inner strength, just like muscles, is built by putting yourself under constant pressure and adversity to build the ability to persevere and overcome. This work experience as a young adult fueled my ability to take the next necessary step in any success journey….The Formula for SuccessIn 2000 I started my entrepreneurial endeavor in earnest. I began by creating a global risk management consulting firm serving the private equity community. My top 15 clients had a combined revenue of $12.7 Billion USD with operations in over 100 Countries worldwide. Since then I’ve founded, bought and sold several multi-million dollar business. In addition to the successes there were plenty of failures along the way.Peak Performance Nation & Peak Performers Podcast were created to teach the tools, strategies, tricks, tips and psychology necessary to be a Peak Performer. I was frustrated by seeing great people and organizations with the knowledge of what to do but the inability to execute. It doesn’t matter what you know if you cannot execute.
Zachary Hall
About You & About Your Company: chance meetings and success stories inspired his dreams. He will show you how networking can help in your personal and professional life.In his book, the Phoenix alum recounts numerous interactions with restaurateurs, actors, hotel executives, and musicians he met on airplanes, at breakfast counters, or standing in line. They spoke about their journey and offered advice, which prompted Hall’s own success story as an author.As a child, Hall felt the road to success began with education. He always dreamt of going to college. He worked very hard to turn his dream into reality. Hall recalls navigating a hectic, four-year schedule which consisted of attending classes at PC, then Arizona State University, working at Great Skate in the afternoons, and performing as a sports entertainer at Phoenix Sun’s games in the evening.He hopes to potentially teach at PC to share what he has learned and pay it forward to other students. “I have great memories of my time at Phoenix College,” Hall said. “Business instructor Cindy Cloud and basketball coach Matt Gordon both inspired me to find my passion.” WHY ZONE OUT when you can make a meaningful connection? Through chance meetings with celebrities, business leaders, athletes, government officials, and others, Zachary Hall has created a network of people he can rely on for advice, support, inspiration, and even VIP access across the country.Zach will show you how to build your own powerful network, based on the idea that helping others leads to greater success for all. By sharing fun stories — and many of his key contacts — Zach will show you how to:•Take conversations beyond superficial topics •Find the best people and avoid the jerks •Embrace your M.A.S.K. to take bold, life-changing actions •Use your connections to achieve your goals and amplify your dreams •Be more significant in other people’s livesAfter reading Don’t Sleep on Planes, you’ll be filled with the desire to constantly connect, simply by engaging in everyday moments. Get ready for the ride of your life.
Parker Davis
About You & About Your Company: For over 30 years, we have provided answering and virtual receptionist services to thousands of companies across the U.S. Our premium service and client-first mentality have allowed us to continuously grow our service offerings and focus on technological advancements to better serve our customers across a wide range of businesses. Our business principles are built on a foundation of strong customer experience and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and innovation. With these principles in mind, Answer 1 has delivered exemplary business solutions across multiple industry verticals since 1982.Today, business leaders expect to have instant access to their data and solutions at their fingertips. This shift in business has given providers like Answer 1 a choice—prove that you can provide instant access, or risk losing clients. This challenge has driven us to continually invent new ways to bring crucial data to our clients faster than ever before. No matter how the needs of business owners evolve and adapt over the decades, Answer 1 is there to provide a solution.Parker has been the CEO of Answer 1 since 2015, a time when he—along with a number of partners—acquired the company from its founders. Since then, Parker has been responsible for Answer 1’s strategic vision, senior level management, and equity value creation. Prior to Answer 1, Parker spent eight years with a middle-market private equity firm, where he was responsible for sourcing, due diligence, and portfolio company oversight of technology-enabled business services companies. Parker has an M.B.A. from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and a B.A. in economics from the University of Notre Dame.
Simone Bruni
About You & About Your Company: Simone Bruni of Demo Diva did what many Louisiana natives did post-Katrina, she reinvented herself. Following her natural instincts and skills derived from a long career in hospitality and tourism, Simone Bruni turned helping her neighbors into a full-fledged business success.Simone lost her home in the Katrina floods. She was laid off and with no construction experience, she took on the daunting task of rebuilding her home. She discovered a niche. Demolition was the first step to coming home. Simone targeted women customers with her company name and branding. However, it was not only women who needed her help but an entire devastated community.The Demo Diva Demolition is blazing a trail in a male-dominated industry and reinvented the recipe for construction marketing, PR, social media and customer service that creates strong brand identity and raving “fans” instead of customers. Starting with an opportunity and a single hot pink dumpster on the campus of Xavier University (conveniently placed in full view of I-10 traffic!), The Demo Diva has become not just an inspirational business success story, but a local business iconDemo Diva was founded by Simone Bruni in 2006 to clean up the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.Although she lost her home in the Katrina flood and had no construction experience, Simone recognized her flooded neighbors’ needs were greater than her own. She responded. Her motto was, “Let me help you get home. Trust me. I’m your neighbor. “ Demolition was the first step to progress and rebuilding.Simone’s tenacity and marketing skills created the nation’s most unique, woman-owned demolition company, The Demo Diva, LLC. Quickly setting herself apart from seasoned construction contractors, Simone branded Demo Diva’s public image. All of her heavy equipment, trucks and debris dumpsters are painted hot pink.She offered hope and sold trust. The New Orleans community responded. Demo Diva’s business grew exponentially.Seven years later, Demo Diva has cleared away thousands of flooded and blighted homes. Demo Diva has now grown into a multi-million dollar residential and commercial demolition business that has expanded to Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast.Progress is changing the game. Demo Diva has changed the look of the game.
Michael Baldwin

Founder and Principal of Michael Baldwin Inc.

About You & About Your Company:

Michael Baldwin is an accomplished leader in the communications industry with more than 35 years of top 10 advertising agency experience in building global brands, leading global teams, solving complex strategic problems, and developing world-class creative campaigns. 

He is the founder and principal of MICHAEL BALDWIN INC, which offers best-in-class corporate and personal branding and executive coaching. Michael helps individuals, companies, and brands Be better ®.

Michael spent eight years with Ogilvy & Mather New York, where he was the Worldwide Account Director for the $500 million IBM account. He also managed the global SAP account, where he led the integrated communications campaign and built a global team in over 40 countries.

He is a highly decorated creative professional, having won the David Ogilvy Award for his leadership on the SAP global brand campaign and a Cannes Gold Lion, Clio, British D&AD Silver, and Ad Age’s “Best of the Year” TV Campaign award for copywriting on Apple.

Michael has held posts at other top agencies, such as Ammirati & Puris, BBDO, and FCB, where he headed up campaigns for Apple, Compaq, Ashton-Tate, and NeXT.

Michael also offers a one-of-a-kind presentation workshop that turns presenters into truly effective communicators. He has developed an entirely original way of enabling people to put the focus of a presentation back where it belongs—on the presenter. He is the author of Just Add Water ®: An incredibly easy guide for creating simple, powerful presentations.

Michel has a B.S. in Chemistry from Beloit College in Wisconsin, studied professional acting at the William Esper Studio, and lives in New York.

Jason Tropf
About You & About Your Company: About Us We are a Leading Direct-Mail Franchise Company RSVP Publications, first established in 1985, is now one of the largest direct mail advertising companies in the nation! With over 80 franchises, we are located in virtually every major metropolitan area with a few CHOICE available markets. Learn more about RSVP franchise opportunities. We Advertise to the Wealthiest Homeowners We design, print and mail 4-color picture postcards, advertising the more “upscale” local businesses to the wealthiest 20% of North American Homeowners. We eliminate wasted circulation by mailing to the homeowners most likely to buy. Turnkey Proven System RSVP offers a time-tested and rewarding franchise opportunity. Thousands of clients have used RSVP for over 29 years. With this experience, we know what works for our clients. RSVP is a proven, time-tested concept that gives franchisees a winning combination. • Very affordable, turnkey system • No inventory or equipment needed • Home or Office Based business • Over 30 years of history & building brand awareness • 5 days of intensive training held at RSVP Corporate Headquarters • Quite simply, the most impressive co-op mailer created anywhere
Ryan Mechum
About You & About Your Company:


The Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1985 dedicated to helping companies with continuous improvement and their pursuit of excellence. Whether looking to learn about lean manufacturing or one of the continuous improvement tools like value stream mapping, kaizen, lean supply chain, lean new product development, lean accounting, or leadership of lean transformation you've come to the right place. AME is practitioner based which means our events and workshops are hands-on and taught by others who have “been there” and want to share their experiences. Visit our site to obtain more information on all of our educational opportunities or join AME and start receiving the many benefits of membership including our award-winning Target magazine. Don't miss our next conference, AME Chicago 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, from November 4-7, 2019.

Shawn Reynolds
About You & About Your Company:

We are Shawn, Neil and Ryan Reynolds, three close-knit brothers who joined together to start up our own family owned and operated eavestrough & exteriors company.  Each of us are also homeowners, thus Reynolds Brothers Exteriors can relate to how much your home means to you.  There are so many options out there it is difficult to know who to trust when it comes to working on your home.


We have grown our business through the power of word of mouth based on courteous, skilled installers as well as our considerate customer service.  Check out our reviews!



Our Commitment – We are committed to treating your home as if we were working on our own. In the years since we launched, we have become one of the most reputable and award-winning exterior companies in our area. We were awarded “Best of 2017” by HomeStars, which we are so proud and appreciative of.  We also received recognition from Consumers Choice Awards for years 2016 and 2017 for our customer service, workmanship, and reputation.


At Reynolds Brothers Exteriors we pride ourselves in offering you the best rainwater management systems on the market today. Our mission is to provide you with the following:


Best Products Available Today – We only source and use top quality materials to ensure your job is done right the first time and that it will stay that way for years to come. Our installation and workmanship standards are known to be among the best in the industry.  These standards ensure that only top-rated products will be used and installed on your home.


Dependable Warranty – Reynolds Brothers Exteriors is proud to have one of the best warranty in the industry.  We stand behind our work with excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Compare our 20 – year material warranty and  5 – year workmanship warranty to other eavestrough and exterior companies. Our pledge is to complete the work properly the first time, however, if there is a problem take comfort in knowing that we will be there to make things right for you.


Exceptional Customer Service –  You can have confidence in knowing that only highly trained and professional staff will visit your home.  This ensures you get the quality work that you deserve. Your experience with RBE will be a positive one from the first contact, through installation, work completion, inspection and clean up. Our goal is to have a satisfied customer each and every time by always treating and your property with the utmost care and respect.


Confidence Check List – You can have confidence in Reynolds Brothers Exteriors and the work that we do:


  • We maintain all required Insurances, including WSIB
  • RBE estimates itemize every product simply in a list format, with separate line items. This keeps it clear exactly each product you’ve chosen
  • We provide you with a written or electronic estimate
  • Our installations are performed in a safe, courteous and timely manner
  • We ensure that we resolve any clients issues in a timely manner
Brian Kaskavalciyan

Lead Marketing Strategist at gFour Marketing Group

About You & About Your Company:

We Do Your Customer Relationship Marketing For You!

ATTN: Replacement Contractors, home improvement/home service entrepreneurs Here’s How You Get MORE Repeat Business, MORE Referrals & MORE Online Reviews... AUTOMATICALLY! You know the best quality, most profitable leads you can get in your home improvement business are from your existing customers coming back to buy more from you and them sending you referrals. Problem is, most home improvement companies are so focused on creating NEW leads that they completely ignore the enormous opportunity that exists with their current and past customers. Since 2009 gFour Marketing Group has worked as the “back office” fulfillment of relationship marketing services for some of the leading home remodeling/replacements contractors in the country. We have a proven system that when executed properly results in more repeat business, more referrals and more online reviews. Our flagship offering is the powerful and completely “done-for-you” 1Into5 Program™. Unlike other services providers that offer parts and pieces of a customer retention or referral program, gFour Marketing Group offers a comprehensive solution. Our programs include customer appreciation, requests for feedback and reviews through our Authentic Feedback™ review platform. Keeping in touch with your customers (to stay top-of-mind) through email marketing, and our Happy Home Gazette™ electronic and print company newsletter. And finally, access to our dynamic Referral Rewards Program™. We are also the creators of The Wealthy Contractor™ program and community. The Wealthy Contractor is a resource to help home improvement entrepreneurs - regardless of where they are on the “wealthy” scale - get where they want to get personally, professionally and financially. With the podcast, newsletters, monthly live trainings, and other resources we want to provide the motivation, confidence, resources, strategies and the tools so you too can sell more jobs, make more money and live your best life.

At heart, I'm an entrepreneur - just like you. Since 1993 I have started and built seven companies... most, completely from scratch.

I've had a lot of success but, have also taken my knocks. And chances are really good, I've been right where you are.

My business today - gFour Marketing Group has allowed me to take what I've learned and use it to focus on helping home improvement, home services, and home remodeling company owners be more successful.

As a marketing and business growth strategist, I’ve had the good fortune of working with companies in nearly two dozen different industries, from lawyers to coaches, accountants to electricians, doctors to landscapers. I’ve worked with companies that sell B2B and B2C, from start-ups to $50M+ enterprises.

It’s because of this experience that I know - with very rare exception - in nearly every business, including yours – is an opportunity to uncover thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in hidden and/or neglected profits and value.

It’s my job to help you uncover opportunities, solve any problems you may be facing and help you take your business where you want it to go… where you know it can go.

As a speaker, I'm nationally known for my talks on creating customers for life. My talks are always based on what's working now to develop a relationship with customers so you'll create higher quality leads, close more sales and make more money in your business.

Mark Stoner

Owner of Ashbusters Chimney Service

About You & About Your Company:

Our Team is family and so are our customers. That’s why we work hard to provide peace of mind to each and every customer. We know what we do makes a difference, so for the past 25 years and today, we stand by our commitment that the job is done right. That means it’s on time, without mess, without aggravation and at the lowest cost possible.

Our team members are skilled professionals dedicated to providing the best possible customer service, whether they are behind the scenes in the office, or in your homes. We believe we are the best in the business. If you don’t believe us, just ask our customers.

Ashbusters Chimney Service was started in 1985 by Mark Stoner and has served the Middle Tennessee Area ever since. We are a certified chimney sweeping company dedicated to keeping your chimneys clean and safe.

Susy Boyter

Major Accounts Manager at Callcap

About You & About Your Company:

Since 2001, Callcap has been the worldwide industry-leader in sales, marketing, customer service qualification, and analysis. Our mission is to “Provide vision to business conversation.” Callcap’s product suite includes, but is not limited to, call measurement, call recording, lead qualification, missed opportunity identification and recovery, online and offline lead conversion analysis, customer experience and satisfaction insights, a business-text platform, and many other applications built to enhance customer communication and deliver raw, actionable business intelligence.

These automated technologies are designed to uncover real-time data that our clients use to identify and create new opportunities for “now” actionable insights and sustainable growth among marketing, sales, retention, and customer service channels. When integrated, our clients realize increased return on investments, lower customer acquisition costs, a refined frontline operation, enhanced customer experiences, and a well-maintained brand reputation. We take pride in the deep-rooted, long-lasting partnerships we've established with thousands of American and Canadian businesses - from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises – who are committed to a progressive, forward-thinking approach towards data-driven decision management.

Things are changing. Call intelligence focused on understanding the relationship between marketing channels, has become critical in the ultra-competitive and constantly evolving landscape of digital and traditional marketing. Adopting a solution that delivers real-time, measurable insights focused on attribution, correlation and causation - specifically, digital and traditional lead conversions - will further develop client success management, using evidence-based intelligence to make swift decisions; ultimately, mitigating loss while maximizing effectiveness.

One of our major differentiators is our Callsurance service, which listens to each call with a live and trained call analyst. Human analysts provide richer data and more reliable outcomes through pre-set dispositions and call grading. Plus, Callcap can alert our clients in near-real time when someone hung up without making a purchase, so the client can immediately react to any potential issues.

At Callcap, our passion is to be the most trusted advisor in quality analytics. To that end, we function as a real-time laboratory, testing new technologies, methodologies, and customized projects for our clients within our own company.

We are headquartered in Wichita, Kansas - the nation's rapidly developing epicenter of entrepreneurship and technology advancement. We are proud to play a part in bringing some of the Midwest's brightest tech minds together under one roof.

In 2018, Marchex, a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, based in Seattle, WA acquired Callcap to create a leading conversational analytics company across both voice and text messaging/SMS communications channels. The combined company has the largest set of business conversation data in the market.  This unique asset will enable the company to accelerate its innovation in AI and Conversation Analytics Technology.

Susy Boyter has built her career in the technology business solutions industry. She spent 22 years with AT&T, first in telephony as a service representative, and then in marketing as a key account sales manager. In 2004, Boyter joined the Cramer-Krasselt Agency as a national sales manager, where she was first introduced to Callcap’s services as a reseller. Finally, in 2009, Boyter officially came on board with Callcap as a call measurement and evaluation specialist, a position she retains today.


125 N Emporia, Suite 201

Wichita, KS 67202

321-265-7877 (Text or Call)

URL: https://callcap.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/callcap

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Callcap

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/callcap

Gary M. Mulloy

Chairman and CEO of Money Mailer

About You & About Your Company:

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 
Gary Mulloy was named Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Money Mailer in July 2010. He has more than 15 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer for public and private companies in the consumer products, marketing services and medical device industries. He held leadership positions with ADVO, Inc. from 1996-2006 becoming Chairman and CEO in 1999. Prior to ADVO, Mr. Mulloy was CEO of Pilkington Barnes-Hind, a worldwide manufacturer and marketer of contact lenses and lens care products, from 1990-1996. From 1976-1990, Mr. Mulloy was with Schering-Plough and was CEO of the company's Maybelline unit from 1988-1990. Previous to joining Schering-Plough, Mr. Mulloy held senior marketing and sales positions with Gillette, Burger King, Foote Cone and Belding advertising agency and Alberto Culver Co. Mr. Mulloy graduated from the University of Illinois with a bachelor of science in marketing. He pursued advanced studies in finance and business ethics at Boston College. Mr. Mulloy lives in Newport Beach, Calif., with his wife, Jodi, and two children.


Money Mailer is proud of our history of growth and innovation. We were founded in 1979 in Huntington Beach, California, and since the first franchise was sold in 1980, we have experienced tremendous success, winning many awards and accolades.

Today, Money Mailer franchises across the U.S. are operated by owners who work as marketing consultants with business owners in their neighborhoods, helping those businesses to reach consumers and achieve their own success.

And with a national sales force serving Fortune 1000 companies, Money Mailer provides truly integrated marketing solutions to accurately target households and consumers across the U.S.

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