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Paul Akers is the founder and president of FastCap, a product development company specializing in woodworking tools and hardware for the professional builder. FastCap was started in Paul’s garage in 1997 when he simply “fixed what bugged him” and developed his first product: the Fastcap Cover Cap. From humble beginnings, and no MBA, FastCap has thousands of distributors worldwide in over 40 countries. Paul’s intense curiosity on how things could be improved paved the way for him to become a prolific innovator and today he holds many US and International patents. FastCap
launches approximately 20-30 innovative products per year and has won business of the year in 1999 and 2010. In June 2011 Paul won Seattle Business Magazine’s prestigious Business Executive of the Year award. He wrote his first book, 2 Second Lean, about creating a fun, Lean culture, that, is now available in 14 languages. In 2015, he wrote his 2nd book, Lean Health, in 2016, he wrote Lean Travel and in 2019, he wrote Lean Life. In 2016, Paul’s book, 2 Second Lean, was recognized by the
Shingo Institute and won the Research and Professional Publication Award. Paul learned to embrace adventure and pursue excellence by his father when he earned the rank of Eagle Scout at the young age of 14. At the age of 15, Paul built a guitar in high school woodshop and earned the attention of Bob Taylor, founder of Taylor Guitars. Bob put Paul to work the day he graduated from
high school and mentored him, making a lasting impression as Paul watched Bob – a true American innovator – changed the guitar industry right in front
of Paul’s eyes. In 2017, Paul was honored to document Bob Taylor on his World Forestry Tour where a small team journeyed around the world to increase awareness of sustainable forestry practices. He graduated from Biola University in 1983 with honors, obtaining a degree in Education. Paul worked in Pasadena, restoring some of the most prestigious historical homes and became part
of an exclusive group of craftsmen that built the home for the editor of Architectural Digest. Paul taught Industrial Arts at Mark Keppel High School where his innovative thinking led to the development of a program that focused on teaching kids to build furniture, rather than the standard high school projects like key racks and cutting boards. He catapulted into the business world when his knack for problem solving led to an invention and
eventually to his own manufacturing business. Through a series of twists and turns he discovered Lean and the Toyota Production System (TPS) which was instrumental in propelling FastCap as an example of Lean manufacturing and culture, followed by thousands of companies around the world. In 2010, Paul ran for the US Senate in Washington State on a Lean platform of transforming government by empowering people. After the election, Paul has continued to work with various
government agencies teaching Lean thinking and helping them create a Lean culture in government organizations throughout the country. In 2013, Paul was invited to do a TEDx talk on innovation. In 2017, Paul was selected as #3 Individual Thought Leaders & Influencers in The Global State of Operational Excellence, Critical Challenges & Future Trends. Paul is an avid outdoors man that surfs, runs, swims, bikes, and has summited many 14,000 foot mountains, including Mt. Kilimanjaro, and trekking to Everest Base Camp. Paul is passionate about health and completed 2 ironman (Lake Placid, NY and Vichy, France). Paul is an instrument rated pilot with over 2,000 hours of flight time, which includes 3 North Atlantic crossings in a single engine plane. Paul is an energetic speaker whose core passion is helping people discover their full potential and showing others how to implement Lean in their business and personal life. Paul’s passion for
Lean has taken him around the world to over 102 countries to work and speak with such notable organizations as the Israeli Defense Forces, Mercedes Benz, Amazon, the US Navy, Turner Construction, and many universities. From Kazakhstan to Iceland, Tasmania to Japan, Germany, Israel, Africa and Slovakia, you never know where Paul is ... but for sure he is teaching Lean
concepts with passion and excitement. Paul is also passionate about Japan and teaching people the philosophy of this amazing country (Japan Study Mission). He has trained over 25 teams in Japan at
Toyota and their suppliers. Paul has thousands of followers on his weekly podcast, “The American Innovator” where he teaches about the power of
innovation and Lean thinking. He shares his insights and
observations as he interviews fascinating people along with documenting his travels and adventures around the world with staggering photography and videography.
Paul has been married to his wife Leanne since 1983 and they have 2 grown children, Andréa and Kolbe, who work with him at FastCap. It is truly a family run business!



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FreeeUp's founders, Nathan Hirsch and Connor Gillivan, started FreeeUp out of frustration hiring freelancers from other marketplaces.

They spent years hiring hundreds of freelancers while running their first eCommerce business and found themselves spending hours every day recruiting and interviewing instead of focusing on growth.

They faced turnover, disappearing freelancers, and poor communication. They decided that they wanted to create a BETTER solution to hiring freelancers online.

In 2015, the duo founded the FreeeUp Marketplace with the goal of pre-vetting all freelancers and providing a hands-on experience for business owners.

2015: Frustration With Other Hiring Marketplaces

Nathan and Connor built their first eCommerce business to sell over $25 million online, but they continued to run into turnover and lack of time for growing the business.

They used all of the top hiring marketplaces available to recruit, interview, and hire freelance talent, but it was never a fully optimized experience. They longed for a marketplace where the freelancers were already vetted and they knew they could find someone reliable quickly.

2015: The Ah-Ha Moment

In mid 2015, Nathan and Connor had an ah-ha moment where they decided that they wanted to build a better marketplace for business owners. They decided to start building a marketplace that they had always wished they had for themselves.

Their new marketplace would (1) pre-vet all freelancers and only allow the top 1% into the network (2) offer a hands-on experience for clients (3) eliminate freelancer profiles (4) make the matching process between the client and freelancer FAST.

2016: Conquering the Amazon Landscape

With an expertise in selling on Amazon.com, Nathan and Connor spent the first year gaining popularity within the Amazon seller community.

They recruited top Amazon freelancers from all over the world, pre-vetted to find the best, then made them available to hundreds of Amazon sellers looking for freelance help to grow their businesses.

In FreeeUp's first year of operations, it became the TOP marketplace for hiring Amazon freelancers online. The company continues to uphold that reputation within the Amazon seller community.

2016: Expanding Into Everything Ecommerce

After seeing rapid growth within the Amazon seller community, Nathan and Connor expanded the companies services to all eCommerce companies.

In mid 2016, FreeeUp started adding eCommerce experts and freelancers to the marketplace further catering to all eCommerce companies selling anywhere online (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Walmart, Jet, Rakuten, eBay, etc.)


2017: Adding Digital Marketers and Web Developers

With the FreeeUp community buzzing, Nathan and Connor started adding digital marketers and web developers/designers to the marketplace out of demand from clients.

2017 brought rapid growth for the marketplace taking total freelancers on the network up to 800+ and clients hiring through the marketplace to over 5,000.

2018: Offering Everything to Everyone

As Nathan and Connor started 2018, they created a goal to become a household name for businesses and entrepreneurs offering a BETTER solution to hiring freelancers online.

Today, the FreeeUp Marketplace offers over 85 different skill sets across a variety of disciplines for $5 to $75 per hour. Businesses from any industry can utilize FreeeUp for skill sets that they need to hire for their business. And the hands-on experience continues to hold up from the early days of the business.

About You & About Your Company:

About Buzz Franchise Brands

Buzz Franchise Brands is a multi-brand franchising company that builds companies that get people talking. The company is made up of a team energized by developing small businesses into thriving franchise companies with a focus on providing exceptional customer service.

The company began 2012 with mosquito control company Mosquito Joe in 2012. The founders of the local mosquito control business, operating since 2010 in the Hampton Roads area, approached Kevin Wilson looking for advice on expanding their business. The more Kevin learned about Mosquito Joe, the more he felt that franchising was a great opportunity for them. In fact, he was so convinced of the potential of the business that he left his current position in private equity to take charge of Mosquito Joe’s future.  Kevin took over the operation and hired a corporate team to franchise Mosquito Joe. Over the course of the next 6 years Mosquito Joe grew to almost 300 locations operating in 34 states across the country (plus the District of Columbia) before the brand was sold to Neighborly of Waco, Texas (formerly the Dwyer Group) in August 2018.

Along the way, Buzz Franchise Brands incubated two additional brands. The first, a pool cleaning and maintenance business called Pool Scouts, launched in early 2016. Pool Scouts currently operates across nine states and has found success in providing a high quality, professional service amidst an industry where messy pick up trucks and unreliable workers are the norm. In mid-2017, Buzz Franchise Brands introduced Home Clean Heroes residential cleaning business to their home market of Hampton Roads, VA. After operating locally for just over a year, the brand began franchising in late 2018 with plans to become the new standard in the house cleaning industry.


Learn more about our brands at the following links or find us on Facebook!

https://buzzfranchisebrands.com - @BuzzFranchiseBrands on Facebook

https://www.poolscouts.com - @PoolScouts on Facebook

https://www.homecleanheroes.com - @HomeCleanHeroes on Facebook

About Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson has served CEO and President of Buzz Franchise Brands since July 2012.  Prior to this, Kevin was a Senior Managing Director with Envest Ventures where he oversaw $160M across three funds that made 28 investments, four of which were franchisors.  Before joining Envest, Kevin was a Senior Managing Director of Discovery Americas, a private equity fund based in Mexico City, Mexico. Utilizing his experience in the airline industry, he developed a business plan and co-founded Volaris, (NYSE: VLRS) an ultra low cost airline. His career includes being CEO of South African Airways Technical, the independently owned maintenance operation of South African Airways, based in Johannesburg, South Africa; the CEO and Founder of Benny’s Bagels, a franchisor of retail bagel stores based in Dallas, Texas.  Kevin began his business career working for Bain and Company as a consultant in Toronto, Canada and Dallas, Texas.

Kevin obtained his business degree from the Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario, Canada.  Kevin enjoy spending his free time with his wife and children, supporting their many sports endeavors, as well as relaxing with a nice bottle of wine.

About You & About Your Company:

About Furnace USA

FurnaceUSA was born with a simple premise – providing amazing value to consumers looking for heating and cooling (HVAC) equipment installed in their home. We seek to simplify the HVAC buying process while offering far more payment options at highly competitive prices. We are America’s On-Demand Heating and Cooling Company.

The residential retrofit HVAC & Hot Water retrofit market in the US is inefficient and hasn’t changed much in over half a century. Consumers are not being served well by this model and ultimately way overpaying for residential HVAC equipment to be installed.A few of the inefficiencies are listed below:

  1. A person physically driving to someone’s home to present or collect info that could be done online
  2. Supplier markups & manufacturer’s representative markups
  3. Small, inefficiently run HVAC companies with high overhead which ultimately results in high install prices. Some overhead which causes this is vehicle expenses, markups, administration, rent, commissions, management, waste etc
  4. Retaining high quality field staff is getting more difficult which drives labour costs up. More and more lead installers are breaking away into their own one-person companies which is creating even more fragmentation & competition (80,000+ HVAC companies in US)

The solution and where FurnaceUSA comes in…
There is a massive shift in the economy happening right now towards ‘On-demand’ services. Examples of this shift are companies like Uber (Transportation), GrubHub (Food Delivery), Shyp (Shipping Services), Handy (Cleaning & Handyman services) to name a few of the hundreds of on demand companies. The unifying thread across these on-demand companies is the customer dictating what they want, when they want with the supply side of the equation being filled with an on-demand workforce.

FurnaceUSA comes with dozens of years of experience in the conventional HVAC market – our entire goal is to deliver better value, lower cost and better products to your door and have them installed by the best installers.

By bypassing the markup and overhead created by owning & maintaining trucks, physical locations, inventory and excessively high labour costs we can out-compete competitors in a given market. Our commitment does not end there, we also seek to provide the best customer service experience of any heating and cooling company. Our customer service guarantee is very simple – we are not happy until you are. If any of are work fails to meet your satisfaction and we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, WE WILL PAY ANOTHER CONTRACTOR to fix the work. We are not aware of any HVAC company that offers this level of customer satisfaction guarantee!

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Liam Martin Bio:

Liam is the co-founder and CMO of TimeDoctor.com and  Staff.com, which are tools that help manage remote employees productivity. Liam is also the co-organizer of Running Remote Conference which is the largest conference on remote work that’s held each year in June.

Time Doctor measures remote employee productivity and staff.com acts as a two-sided marketplace for hiring remote workers. Both organisations are entirely remote with 100 employees spread between 26 countries worldwide.

Liam started Time Doctor back in 2012 when very few companies were making the move to go for a fully remote organisation. Liam had a perfectly good reason - the weather in Canada in winter time, which he really wanted to escape from. To make remote work, Liam has had to put in a lot of processes in place and has had to accept the reality that VC investors would not agree to fund him with such a spread organisation. Liam and his business partner - Rob Rawson, have bootstrapped the company, which is currently at $5 million in ARR.

Liam has been working in the remote work space for over 8 years with Time Doctor and Staff.com and ran a previous company which connected university students with remote tutors. His experience in remote work spans over 15 years and over 1 million remote workers have personally used one of his products over that tenure.

Liam is an avid proponent of remote work and has been published in Forbes, Inc, Mashable, TechCrunch, Fast Company, Wired, The Wall Street Journal, The Next Web, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat and many other publications specifically targeting the expansion of remote work. The mission statement that feeds all the products and services that Liam is involved with stem from empowering workers to work wherever they want, whenever they want.

Liam has an undergraduate and graduate degree in Sociology from McGill University. He lives in Canada but travels 3-6 months out of the year due to his ability to work wherever and whenever he likes. He chooses a new place to travel a few times a year but usually spends time in Austin, Las Vegas and Ubud each year and loves to encourage others to work remotely on his travels.

For more information on Liam you can visit his instagram to follow his travels @liamremote or you can check out the projects he’s working on at Timedoctor.com, Staff.com and RunningRemote.com

His goal is for everyone, regardless of their location, background, gender, race or any other factor, to have equal access to the best jobs in the world. Remote work will also help impact climate change due to the decrease in transportation and the climate damage that ensues.

Liam’s Principles - Leave the world better than you found it. Empower people for equal access to labor regardless of background.

Surround yourself with successful people and you’ll be successful, if for nothing else to just see that success is possible. Just because you didn’t succeed at something doesn’t mean you failed. Try to make failure as cheap and as quick as possible so you can find success much faster.


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Joshua officially began his entrepreneurial dream at the age of 25. He left his “safe and
secure” job as a banker for JP Morgan Chase to start a cleaning business while his wife
was pregnant with their first child. He knew he wanted to build a profitable local
business while creating freedom for his family.
Joshua is passionate about systems, automation and small business growth because it
can change your life and your local community. Because of his ability to automate and
systemize businesses, he was able to work less than 5 hours a week the last 2 years
that he owned that business. Joshua’s expertise enabled him to grow his cleaning
business to over $150,000 per month in sales before selling to a national buyer.
After selling his cleaning business he moved his family to Costa Rica for a year and a
half. While in Costa Rica he launched a popular podcast for local businesses that now
has over 500,000 downloads. He also started and grew a software company to
$2,000,000 a year in revenue.
Joshua is filled with inspiration and motivation that has empowered him to personally do
over 1,000 coaching calls with small businesses all over the world during the last 5
years. He now lives in Michigan with his wife Ashlee and their 5 children.
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Serial entrepreneur and author Brian Scudamore has always taken the road less traveled. At just 19 years old, he pioneered the industry of professional junk removal with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, turning a chore people avoid into an exceptional customer service experience. Then he scaled that success into three more home-service brands, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine under the O2E Brands banner. His first book, WTF?! (Willing to Fail): How Failure Can Be Your Key to Success is now available on Amazon.

Brian learned the ins and outs of business by running his own and believes that anyone with a fire in their gut and a vision for doing something incredible with their future can do the same.


His philosophy, WTF (Willing To Fail), stems from his belief in the power of dreaming big, taking risks, and learning from mistakes.

Through franchising, he’s giving thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs the chance to live their dreams of business ownership.

Facebook - @bscudamore
Instagram - @brianscudamore
Twitter - @brianscudamore

Other Brands Websites For Brian:

About O2E Brands

What is O2E Brands? It’s a new, surprising, and totally different collection of companies that take ordinary home services and make them exceptional; that’s why we’re “O2E”. We help entrepreneurial people realize their dream of business ownership, and we’re building the most innovative franchises on the market with 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine.


Founder and CEO of O2E Brands Brian Scudamore did something big in 1989 when he started 1-800-GOT-JUNK?: he changed how the world views junk removal. He realized exceptional customer service combined with attracting the right people to own businesses within O2E Brands was the secret to success. Since then, he’s applied that magic formula to create multiple, globally admired home-service brands.

It all began in 1989, when Brian was stuck without a summer job and no way to pay his college tuition. He was waiting in line at a McDonald’s drive-thru when he saw a beat-up junk truck with “Mark’s Hauling” painted on the side. Something clicked, and he was inspired to spend his last $700 on a used pick-up truck and start his own junk removal service.

Over the next three summers, business took off. He invested in more trucks, hired student drivers, and set out to make his company a household name: 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, now known as the world’s largest junk removal service.

But he didn’t stop there. Brian saw that 1-800-GOT-JUNK?’s systems and processes could be applied to other home service industries. He was inspired to launch WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, You Move Me, and Shack Shine, taking painting, moving, and gutter cleaning from ordinary to exceptional — from O2E — and create an exceptional family of brands that have helped hundreds realize their own dream of business ownership.


Vision starts with a mission, and ours is to use scalable systems and tools to drive results, customer service, accountability and profitability within a franchise system that champions team culture.

We know that leadership is the key to growth — leadership as a brand, as a team, and by our actions and values: Passion, Integrity, Professionalism, Empathy (PIPE). By developing leaders and promoting growth, we hope to have 500 Franchise Partners with system-wide sales of $500 million by the end of 2025.


  • Customers - We know our customers are our most important assets, so we create loyalty for life with enthusiastic, professional service.
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - We create environments that encourage and reward innovation, initiative, and passion.
  • Leadership - We continue to disrupt the home-services industry by setting new standards and expectations for customer service.
  • Teamwork - We create an environment that’s open, honest, and innovative. We work hard — and play hard — together, working towards our common goal of building something bigger, together.
  • Community - We recognize that as leaders, we have an important role in our community, so we strive to give back and promote community initiatives.
  • Profit - We know profits are essential to everyone’s success, and we maximize profits by increasing revenues and decreasing expenses. We ensure that people who contribute to the company’s profitability are rewarded.
About You & About Your Company:

Born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and raised on Long Island, Jaime DiDomenico moved to Florida in 1981 looking for work after a not-so-successful stint at Hofstra University. He took a position as a warehouse clerk at Encore Service Systems (now called Service America) in Boca Raton.

“Encore serviced homes in South Florida,” he says. “That’s where I learned about parts and purchasing of HVACR, plumbing and appliance parts.”

A year later, DiDomenico had the opportunity to move from the warehouse to the accounting department where he began to thrive. First as a clerk, then as an accountant before becoming accounting manager in 1984. With supervisory responsibility over payables and receivables, DiDomenico acted as an assistant to Encore’s controller.

Though Hofstra may not have worked out for him, he gained real business experience in Florida — and gave college the old college try again. He earned both a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s degree in accounting from Nova Southeastern University. In 1992, he passed the CPA exam.

When the company was purchased in 1993 by Roto-Rooter, he seized on an opportunity to move into operations management as a branch manager in West Palm Beach.

“After a few years there, I was hand-picked to join a consolidator, BlueDot, as a vice president,” DiDomenico remembers. “That expanded my boundaries as I learned how to manage multiple locations in several states.”

It was the opportunity with BlueDot where DiDomenico first came across N&M. He purchased the company for BlueDot in 1998, then later purchased it again for himself and a couple of partners in 2004.

Although N&M had been around 41 years at the time, it was a small $2 million residential service and replacement company with about 16 employees.

Jaime DiDomenico

Title: President

Company: Cool Today

Website: cooltoday.com

Year Founded: 1963

Headquarters: Sarasota, Fla.

Work Performed: Residential & Light Commercial HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical

No. of Employees: 200

Annual Revenue: $31 million

Vendor-Partners:CarrierHoneywellMitsubishiNest and GreenFiber

Affiliations: Nexstar Network

Certifications: North American Technician Excellence (NATE)

It’s been at N&M — first rebranded as N&M Cool Today, and then as simply Cool Today — where DiDomenico has found his true passion: people.

“I love people. I especially love seeing people grow and succeed in their careers and personal lives,” he says. “We are a people business, and if you don’t love dealing with people, you will struggle to deliver a strong, binding mission that promotes teamwork and growth.”

Throughout his time as president of Cool Today, DiDomenico has continued to take risks like a true entrepreneur, while continuing to maintain long lasting relationships with customers, team members and the community.

The business has had it’s challenges over the years — poor timing of a new construction division in 2006, growing too fast for infrastructure and cash to catch up, changing direction faster than team members could adjust — but DiDomenico recognizes it’s all been a direct result of his goals.

“I am a trained professional in accounting and management, but I yearn to build things, grow things and create opportunities,” he says. “To do this on a larger scale, you have to step up, put your personal investments on the line, put an enormous amount of time and effort and risk everything financially and possibly your reputation.”

Cool Today joined Nexstar in 2010, focusing on great trade expansion, bringing customer relationships to the forefront and investing in training for its people — something that has helped Cool Today grow three times in the past seven years.

What started in a market area of about 700,000 has now expanded into an area of more then 3.5 million.

“I see us becoming well established in the entire Tampa Bay market,” DiDomenico says. “This includes our original home base of Sarasota, our new venture in Dunedin (Pinellas County) and our most recent acquisition of Alert Air Conditioning in Tampa, Fla.”

DiDomenico has created an atmosphere and culture that is poised to handle the technological challenges this industry faces. He firmly believes smart home technology will be ever present and widespread in 5 to 7 years — and large technology companies are trying to solve the complete-serve challenge to the homeowner.

“How we’re addressing this, or preparing for it, is to not resist change, but embrace it where possible,” he says. “We’re getting in the cage with the tiger to feed him, and hope he never mistakes the steak for the handler.”


About You & About Your Company:

ServiceTitan is the #1 software for managing a home services business. It is used by the world’s leading home service contractors, including Mr. Rooter®, Roto-Rooter®, Hiller®, Service Champions®, Gold Medal®, Goettl®, and 2,000 others. It incorporates industry best practices to help you streamline operations, improve sales, provide a better customer experience, lower costs, and manage your business more easily. ServiceTitan is powerful yet easy-to-use and combines scheduling, dispatch, invoicing, sales, marketing, reporting, accounting integration, and more in a mobile, cloud-based platform.

ServiceTitan is backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, ICONIQ Capital, Battery Ventures, Index Ventures, T-Rowe Price, Dragoneer, Mucker Capital, and I2BF Capital.

ServiceTitan was named in Forbes' Next Billion-Dollar Startups and Forbes' Top 100 Cloud Companies and is aggressively hiring bright, passionate, dedicated talent.

Ara and Vahe originally built ServiceTitan to help their fathers run a better contracting business. Today, the most successful home services companies run on ServiceTitan.

Letter from the Founders

Looking back on the last eight years, we are awed by the community that has grown up around ServiceTitan — the loyal customers, the rabid evangelists, the growing family of Titans working tirelessly to help us realize our original vision — to build a software platform to help home services contractors like our fathers run their businesses.

Our parents came to this country to build better lives for their families. Our fathers built residential contracting businesses and put down roots. They worked tirelessly to give us every opportunity they never had. They put us through college and pushed us out into the world to build on the foundations they laid.

We could think of no better way to repay that gift than to build a business to serve home services contractors.

We see something of our fathers in each contractor we meet — a drive to build a better business and a better life. ServiceTitan is on a mission to serve these men and women of the home services trades with the tools, training and support to build their businesses and achieve all their goals.

At ServiceTitan, we judge our success by one metric: the success of our customers. Customer success drives every feature we create, every advancement we bring to the industry, every best practice we champion through our software. And at ServiceTitan, customer success means nothing less than our customers changing their lives and achieving the extraordinary.

Ara & Vahe

About You & About Your Company:

Interviews with successful home service contractors. The mistakes they've made and the victories they've won. Advice from people that were where you are now and want to help. Join the Ethical Contractors Alliance

About You & About Your Company:


Calling all Accountants, Bookkeepers, and Coaches seeking to drive profitability in their business, transition to an advisory model, and serve their clients in the most impactful way imaginable by putting Profit First…

Join a family of the most elite accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches who have helped drive profit in over 40,000 companies globally and discover how you can use this powerful system to help entrepreneurs make more money in their business, eliminate debt permanently and enjoy the financial freedom that they’ve always wanted and instantly stand apart, becoming a trusted advisor, and never be seen as a commodity again.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business owners and entrepreneurs who want to instantly increase profitability, eliminate debt, and enjoy financial freedom on a level that you never have before, you've come to the right place.

Most businesses survive check by check, perhaps yours too.

If you are being told that profit is your bottom line, that belief is, in fact, damaging your business. It's human nature, that what comes last is ignored and what comes first is the priority.

That's why profit must come first ALWAYS.

Is your business surviving check to check?

Profit First Professionals fixes that.

Does your Income Statement have a "net profit" at the end of the year, yet there is no extra cash in your pocket?

We fix that, too.

Are you tired of the old school "numbers in, numbers out, not pay me" accountants and financial experts who don't take a single effective action in fattening your wallet?

We absolutely fix that.

Are you already enjoying financial success?

Discover how to double, triple or even quadruple your profits.

Want to discover your path to profitability?

Take your profit first.

About Mike

By his 35th birthday, Mike had founded and sold two multi-million dollar companies. Confident that he had the formula to success, he became an angel investor... and proceeded to lose his entire fortune. Then he started all over again, driven to find better ways to grow healthy, strong companies. He devised the Profit First strategy to ensure any company would experience profitability from their very next deposit forward.

Mike is the author of Profit First and other must-read business books. He is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, a popular keynote speaker and a globally recognized entrepreneurial advocate.

About You & About Your Company:

About Josh Elizetxe

Josh Elizetxe grew up in West Phoenix, graduated as the Valedictorian from Alhambra High School. At 20 years old, he graduated with Summa Cum Laude honors from the Barrett Honors College and W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State. While at ASU, Josh was very active in many organizations including the Hispanic Business Student Association and Business Ambassadors.

As a teenager, he created Foresold, an Internet advertising company. In addition to running an agency, managing dozens of team members and Fortune 500 projects, Josh and his team built several owned-and-operated Internet companies. Eventually selling the agency side of their business, Foresold now focuses on creating or acquiring Internet businesses.

Foresold is a private portfolio of profitable, multi-million dollar businesses.

Today, Josh is a highly sought-after advisor and successful entrepreneur. Even more important to Josh, he spends a majority of his year involved in giving back to the community and working with community leaders to invigorate the city, including advising on the board of the Phoenix Coding Academy.  Every month, tens of millions of people visit Foresold’s company owned web properties and Josh’s committed vision for the future of the Internet is leading the charge.

Learn more about his company below:

Josh Elizetxe – Bloomberg
Josh Elizetxe – Crunchbase

Joshua Elizetxe – Quora

Foresold is a private Internet portfolio company that develops and markets consumer brands. Each month, millions of Americans visit the websites owned and operated by the Foresold group. Foresold is known for running a fast-growing, award-winning Internet marketing agency, which it sold in early 2015. In addition to consumer brands, Foresold is invested in several successful advertising technology platforms.

Utilizing cutting-edge software and innovative online advertising, Foresold sells millions of dollars of products every year and is growing at record-pace. In addition to developing brands from scratch, Foresold actively invests and acquires websites that fit its portfolio.

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