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Diane Gardner
About You & About Your Company:

I am passionate in my desire to see small business owners pay the least amount of tax possible through utilizing tax planning services. I don't just record history (tax preparation), I want to help you write the future through formal tax planning.

I have spent many years providing high-quality bookkeeping, payroll, QuickBooks, and income tax services to my clientele. Over the years I have seen the need to assist business owners in the quest for knowledge of how to operate a successful business. I have implemented a system to educate my clients in ways to be more successful in their businesses.

Specialties: Individual income tax preparation, business income tax preparation, tax planning, bookkeeping, QuickBooks consulting, budget preparation




At Adept Business Solutions, our mission is to assist businesses with Tax Planning and Profit Planning while delivering Out-Of-This-World client service.  We employ team members who see the value in the services we provide, help us grow, and go above and beyond for our clients.  Our vision is to be nationally known for Tax Planning and Profit Planning services.

Since 1995, Adept Business Solutions has served businesses and individuals across the United States.  Conveniently located on Highway 53 in Rathdrum, we are actively involved in our local community through membership in several chambers of commerce as well as sponsoring the annual food drive to benefit the Rathdrum Food Bank.

Would you like to spend less on taxes and increase your bottom line?  We can help!

Successful entrepreneurs plan ahead.  At Adept Business Solutions, we specialize in identifying missed opportunities that result in overpayment of taxes.  Then we design a custom plan for your business to save as much in tax as legally possible.  As of September 2018, we have saved our clients $1,876,857 that would have otherwise gone to the IRS!  When was the last time your tax accountant came to you with an idea that will save money on your taxes?

Would you like to be able to set the percent of profit your business generates on a monthly basis, instead of waiting until the end of the month to see what is left over?  If so, then you should look into Profit Planning.  Profit Planning is a pro-active investment in your bottom line.  You plan for and control your monthly profit, instead of letting the ups and downs of business determine what your bottom line will be.

Intrigued?  Give us a call today!  Our expertise in coaching businesses through tax planning and profit planning may save you thousands!

Patrick Long
About You & About Your Company:

BizPAL is a friend to your residential service business. I'm a problem solver by nature, so, whatever your problems or frustrations are, my intention is to work hand-in-hand with you to develop and implement solutions that effectively solve them. This may include Recruiting, Ride-Along Sales Coaching, Operational Coaching, and creating strategies to help you grow your business.

Patrick Long is from Indiana. He specializes in sales, scaling, recruiting operations, and growth strategies. As the president of BizPal, he helps residential plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical services boost their sales, profitability, customer loyalty, and in any other way possible.
His father was a career contractor. Patrick always wanted to work, but also wanted to build a business. Due to financial troubles, he started working at age 11.
Patrick has gone from paper routes to being a waiter, to selling furniture. Everything was a struggle. Not struggling to work or struggling to make it, but struggling to figure things out on his own. He is a hands-on person and has come by all of his knowledge honestly.
Ryan Cote
About You & About Your Company:

I'm the Director of Digital Services and Partner at Ballantine, a third generation family-owned direct mail and digital marketing company based out of Fairfield, NJ. I've been with Ballantine since 2003, a family-owned business started in 1966 by my grandfather and great-uncle. I currently manage the growing digital marketing division, primarily responsible for sales and strategy.

On a side note, I love talking about digital marketing and entrepreneurship. Please contact me if you're looking for a speaker on these topics in the Tri-State area or as a guest on your podcast: ryan@ballantine.com.

From lead generation to marketing strategy for small businesses, Ryan and his company rise above the get-featured-quick schemes so often attributed to digital marketing. He loves to geek out on technical marketing talk as well as work with real-world business owners about growing their book of business in today’s online world.


At Ballantine, our marketing specialists are seamlessly blending print and digital marketing strategies to help businesses achieve their engagement and sales goals. From responsive new websites to winning combinations of direct mail marketing services and email to effective SEO and social strategies, we’re here to direct you to the right mix of marketing solutions for your budget and business.

Ali Mirza
About You & About Your Company:

I help businesses systematize their sales process and create peace of mind with consistent cash flow

At Rose Garden Consulting, we're passionate about helping businesses excel at closing deals to get the revenue they deserve. We do this by developing, documenting & implementing a sales process and sales strategy that is sure to scale.

I help companies develop and scale sales processes and sales teams. I want you to close more deals and achieve the revenue goals you desire and have more peace of mind.

I do this by developing, documenting and implementing a sales process and sales strategy that is sure to scale. I train, consult, educate and mentor leaders and teams to better understand the landscape of their business.

President at Rose Garden Consulting, Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, 2016 Sales POP Blogger of The Year

Connect with me here on LinkedIn, email me at ali@rosegardenconsulting.com, follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/RGCSales and visit https://rosegardenconsulting.com


Company NameRose Garden Consulting LLC.

Dates EmployedDec 2011 – Present

Employment Duration7 yrs 6 mos

Location1175 Peachtree St NE 10th Floor, Atlanta, GA, 30361


At Rose Garden Consulting, we're passionate about helping businesses excel at closing deals to get the revenue they deserve. We do this by developing, documenting & implementing a sales process and sales strategy that is sure to scale.

I help companies develop and scale sales processes and sales teams. I want you to close more deals and achieve the revenue goals you desire and have more peace of mind.

I do this by developing, documenting and implementing a sales process and sales strategy that is sure to scale. I train, consult, educate and mentor leaders and teams to better understand the landscape of their business.

President at Rose Garden Consulting, Entrepreneur, Sales Expert, 2016 Sales POP Blogger of The Year

Farres Elsabbaugh
About You & About Your Company:

I have helped expand the Canadian General Contractor's Group (CGC Group) across Canada, including opening the Vancouver General Contractors (VGC).

Canadian General Contractors started in Ottawa, Canada in 2009. I partnered with the original owner Moe Abbas on a Vancouver location in March of 2011. Since then, we have opened a location in Toronto and Calgary. After our fourth and most successful launch in Calgary in February of 2014, we started a plan to franchise our proven model across Canada and the states. In the first 10 months of business, our Calgary officer made $2.1 million in sales.

I have always owned my own business or helped others build their business. Before joining Canadian General Contractors, I helped expand what is now Canada’s largest travel company. I was on the front lines of business development, having built their Cuba program from scratch and helping expansion into new markets such as British Columbia and Alberta. Building businesses has always been a passion of mine and I am very fortunate to have the opportunities to do so.

Nellie Akalp
About You & About Your Company:

Nellie Akalp is an entrepreneur, small business advocate, and mother of four little rockstars. As founder and CEO of CorpNet.com, she has helped more than half a million entrepreneurs start their businesses. Through CorpNet.com, Nellie has also partnered with business professionals such as attorneys, CPAs and more as their silent fulfillment partner helping them incorporate and form LLCs for their clients.

Nellie is internationally recognized as one of the most prominent experts on small business legal matters, contributing to media outlets like Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post. Each month, her regular columns and small business advice reach more than eight million people.

Together with her husband Phil, Nellie has been building companies for more than 18 years. They sold their first company to Intuit in 2008 for $20 million, then decided to get right back into the game. Having weathered ups and downs of entrepreneurship over the past two decades, Nellie is an undisputed expert on what it takes to start a successful business and follow your dreams.

Nellie has been named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer by Small Business Trends for the past four years and counting. In 2016 she was named Women Business Owner of the Year by NAWBO VC and her company, CorpNet.com, has been recognized on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held companies in America in 2015 and 2016.

Specialties: Online Start-Ups; Mergers and Acquisitions; Detailed knowledge of Incorporation/LLC formation filing, maintenance & compliance requirements in all 50 states; Contract Negotiations, New Business Development; Operations Strategy and Management; Branding and Identity.

Art Sobczak
About You & About Your Company:

For over 34 years, Art Sobczak, President of Business By Phone Inc., has specialized in one area only: authoring, designing and delivering content-rich training programs and resources that business-to-business salespeople–both inside and outside– begin showing results from the very next time they get on the phone. Audiences, customers, and readers love his “down-to-earth,” entertaining style, and low-pressure, easy-to-use, customer oriented ideas and techniques.

He works with thousands of sales reps each year helping them get more business by phone. Art provides real world, how-to ideas and techniques that help salespeople use the phone more effectively to prospect, sell, and service, without morale-killing “rejection.”

In 2012 Art received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals for his contribution to the profession.

In 2017, once again he was named one of the Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencers, by Top Sales World.

Using the phone in sales is only difficult for people who use outdated, salesy, manipulative tactics, or for those who aren’t quite sure what to do, or aren’t confident in their abilities. Art’s audiences always comment how he simplifies the telesales process, making it easily adaptable for anyone with the right attitude.

For over 32 years Art has written and published the how-to tips newsletter, SMART CALLING REPORT, and over 14 years, his weekly email tips newsletter.

Art is a prolific producer of learning resources on selling by phone. His newest book, “Smart Calling™- How to Take the Fear, Failure, and Rejection Out of Cold Calling,” hit Number One in the Sales and Marketing category on amazon.com on its very first day of release, and was named Top Sales Book of 2010 by Top Sales Awards.  The Second Edition was released in 2013. And perhaps the most notable testament to the book’s effectiveness, it is on the list of amazon.com’s Top 20 most highly rated sales books of all time.

He authored the classic audio training program, “Ringing Up Sales,” published by Dartnell. He wrote the books, “How to Sell More, In Less Time, With No Rejection, Using Common Sense Telephone Techniques–Volumes 1&2,” “Telephone Tips That SELL!–501 How-to Ideas and Affirmations to Help You Get More Business By Phone,” and “How to Place the Successful Sales and Prospecting Call.”  He has numerous audio and video programs.

Art’s how-to ideas and tips appear regularly in the print and electronic media. He had written a regular column for “Teleprofessional” magazine for 10 years, also wrote one for “Selling!” newsletter, and is frequently quoted in “Selling Power,” “Bottom Line Business,” “Sales and Marketing Management,” and numerous print and online publications. In fact, online searches for his name typically pull up over 200,000 listings, many from others who have quoted him and his articles.

He holds the popular Smart Calling College two-day public training seminars nationwide, and now online. He also customizes the program for on-site, in-house delivery. Art also delivers how-to programs on effective inside sales and cold calling ranging from one-hour to several days.

He has produced and delivered over 1500 training sessions over the past 30 years for companies and associations in virtually all business-to-business industries.

His speaking and training reputation has been built as someone who knows what works and what doesn’t in sales because he’s done it (corporate inside sales and management positions with AT&T Long Lines and American Express in the early 80’s), and still does it.

He also conducts extensive research to customize his programs, listening to recordings of actual sales calls of client reps in order to learn the language of the industry, company, and strengths and weaknesses of sales reps and strategies.

Contact Art by email at ArtS@BusinessByPhone.com, or call him at 800-326-7721, or (480)699-0958. Or fill out the form below to have Art contact you about training.


Michael Kaplan
About You & About Your Company:

P.E. & angel investor who provides strategic planning and growth capital to businesses and awesome entrepreneurs


Michael Kaplan is a private equity and angel investor who was part owner and president of the wildly successful carpet cleaning franchise called Zerorez. (Note that it’s spelled the same backward as it is forward. A classic palindrome!) He is now associated with Red Hook Investments and is actively finding new ways to help small service companies grow.

Michael grew up in Minneapolis, moved to Maine (undergrad) then to Atlanta (for barbeque and bourbon) then to Boston (pondering a Jimmy John’s franchise) then to Minneapolis (law school) and stayed to help turnaround a troubled carpet cleaning business in 2009.

Started working with turnarounds as a private equity investor in 2006, where partners and I bought a 2 employee carpet cleaning company in MN doing about $310,000 in annual revenue.  Success in this carpet cleaning business had me "in operations" until 2017.  This business, which I recently sold last year, was in 6 states, about 200 employees and about 18 million in revenue.  Over the last few years, I've been focused on investing in small home service companies.  Not taking over the business, but providing capital and expertise to turbocharge the success of the business founder by buying a minority interest in their company.  I also buy into distressed or "stuck" companies, within the home service space as well as other industries, working to right the ship and unlock value.

Ben Settle
About You & About Your Company:

Ben started in 1998 as an MLM distributor. He didn't know what he was doing then, and he claims to have really sucked at it. He even managed to gain a lot of debt buying leads, investing in programs, and purchasing products that he never did anything with.
He ended up having to live in his office after gaining so much debt being in a market that he had no business being in.
One day, he was passing out cassette tapes to local businesses when he stumbled into direct marketing. It was what he was doing, and he found that it was something he was really good at.
While he was already doing direct response copywriting, he hated being an employee. He knew what he wanted to do, but did not like having to answer to someone else. He even dispised having someone else tell him how to do something he was a natural at.
The challenge became how do you build your own little side business that has growth potential and still live comfortably?
Finally, in 2011, he had a breakthrough. Email Marketing.
Now he can sell his own print and use email He is even at the point now that he doesn't really need to do client work, but instead teach email marketing and email copywriting to others.

Al Levi
About You & About Your Company:

About Me & How I Can Help You & Your Business

After working for more than 25 years in every facet of my family's plumbing, heating, cooling(and now electrical) business, I sold my share in the company to my brothers and retired from the contracting business. There’s now a fourth generation in my nephew, Michael, along with my brother, Richie, that continues to grow the business. And my brothers and I, we’re as close as we ever were. I was able to do this and set my family up for continued success because I was so successful in implementing business systems and training people that by the time I was ready to go, the business was running so efficiently it could run without me.
Today, I live in sunny Phoenix, near many golf courses. And when it gets too hot in Arizona, my wife and I travel. In short, my wife and I are living our dream. We kept our promise to each other–to retire from the rush of business before the age of 50—and then to help others do the same thing.


Over the past 17 years, I’ve traveled all over North America to help contractors implement my 7-Power system and regain power over their businesses so they can run them with less stress and more success. The problem is that there is only one of me, and thousands of you who still need help. I realized I couldn’t get to you all in 10 lifetimes. I had to find another way.

My first step was a book titled The7-Power Contractor:

Run Your Contracting Business With Less Stress and More Success, which is available in paperback, ebook, and audiobook formats. THE KEY TO SUCCESS, the book, gives you a good overview of the entire 7-Power system, and that's a good place to start. For me, it still wasn't enough. I wanted to create something that would allow you to change your business for the better—faster.
I immediately knew that "something" was operating manuals.
Why? --Because operating manuals, done right, are your only hope for ensuring consistent performance. This benefits you as an owner by providing clarity to your employees about what you expect, and value to your customers so they know what to expect!
Dozens of my clients over the past 15 years have used these manuals to transform their businesses.

Imagine: going on vacation without worrying about your business!

Operating manuals make that possible. For the manuals to work right, however, you have to roll them out in a way that allows you to get—and keep—them in your company culture.
That’s why I created the Build Your Operating Manuals (BYOM) Program, a self-paced program that teaches you everything you need to know about how to edit and roll out the manuals properly.
So you too can run your business with less stress and more success!


Whichever of these paths you choose, you’ll learn, you’ll grow and you’ll join the many satisfied business people that I’ve been so fortunate to meet and help.

You may not want to retire before you’re 50, but wouldn’t it be great to know you could?

Allan Ferguson
About You & About Your Company:

Allan is an accomplished entrepreneur, speaker, marketing expert and podcast host. He is the Founder and Managing Director of both Omega Home Services and Service Professionals Australia, whilst partnering with Peter Cox to form the online leadership training program Leading4Growth.

Omega Services is Sydney's leading Plumbing, Electrical & Air Conditioning company, offering customers the best solutions. Since 2004 Omega has developed from a team of seven doing plumbing maintenance to a new focus in home services taking the business to 80 staff in 2016. Allan provides a wealth development program for the team. Regular ongoing training is done to ensure all team’s skills and leadership development is continual.

With a desire to learn and grow Allan also founded Service Professionals Australia, a service industry training company. Allan works hard to improve the service industry through efforts as a nationally recognised business consultant, speaker and sales trainer. Allan’s expertise lies with helping business owners identify the most profitable area of the business to focus along with correctly pricing their services, this along with empowerment & leadership strategies.

Leading4Growth is an online leadership platform that provides an ongoing training on becoming a great leader, not only in business but in life.

Allan’s public speaking career has taken off in the USA where he is invited to speak on topics such as marketing, sales training & operational procedures to maximise company profits. 2015 alone saw Allan speak in six events across the USA & Australia.

Allan’s natural, entertaining style, practical advice and wealth of real world enterprise provides attendee’s with a bang-for-your-buck experience.



Allan Ferguson starting with a single truck business, Omega Plumbing was a small building & renovation company


Allan worked hard to grow his business, eventually turning over $50k a month. This included a raft of staff, trucks & hundreds of happy customers


Despite completing a large volume of business, Allan lost everything including the family home. He had hit rock bottom


Omega Plumbing transitioned from an hour rate to flat rate pricing company, due to no local support he implement the model from USA


Flat Rate Pricing proved successful as customers showed a preference for this business model in Australia


Wanting to help others in the industry he started Service Professionals Australia


Service Professionals Australia has a wealth of knowledge from diverse backgrounds that include business growth, management, leadership & marketing. We have helped Australia’s most successful trade services companies dominate their market


When you want great service for your plumbing, drains and hot water in Sydney, you'll be delighted with the Omega Plumbing commitment to provide you with the friendliest and most professional plumbing experience in NSW.  No other plumbing company goes as far as Omega to put a smile on our customers' faces.  Read more about your guarantees below, or read from our other happy customers on this page here.

Michael Carr
About You & About Your Company:

"People don't do business with a logo. They do business with a person." Share your story, and people will connect with you beyond the usual business chatter. They'll feel like they already know you, and that can build your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Michael Carr is America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer. He has been an auctioneer since 1991 and has sold billions of dollars in auto, heavy equipment, land, commercial and residential properties. Since becoming a licensed real estate agent in 1994, Michael has been actively involved in the sale of over 68,000 homes and licensed in as many as 27 states in the continental U.S. as a broker and an auctioneer. Overall, he has conducted over 6,500 auctions throughout the last 24 years.

Michael is a former Senior Vice President of Brokerage for Auction.com and personally conducted over 2,000 auctions during his tenure there.  He resigned from that post in order to continue to expand his own companies. He is a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, the I-85 North Board of REALTORS® and the Athens Area Association of  REALTORS®.

Michael Carr & Associates, Inc. was founded in 2000 and serves as the umbrella corporation for his auctioneer, real estate brokerage and investment divisions. He currently spends part of his week traveling to consult investors or conduct auctions, while balancing the rest of his time at his Jefferson, Georgia headquarters.

Michael has spoken before audiences in the hundreds of thousands, and spent 25 years reading and molding his audiences as an auctioneer. His commanding presence and no-nonsense personality reflects his bold stance on business and marketing practices. Audiences especially enjoy laugh-out-loud moments as he shares inside perspective on his life as an entrepreneur and eventual progression into a BrandFace®.

Michael’s energy and passion for his craft is undeniable, and whether you learn from him in this book or in person, you’ll take away a rich understanding of what it takes to be a BrandFace® and to reach the coveted number one position in your market and niche.


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