Share Your Creativity

Business Challenge

So far in my blog posts, we have been walking through normal concepts in business. You know what I mean, all that every business should have and can utilize to help with growth. Think about it, businesses do not all look or feel the same, nor should they. Every business owner has that one thing that they do differently to keep things interesting. It is the “out of the box” thinking and ideas that make work fun. It’s the rainbow of colors in the otherwise drab grey cubical.

In an interview with Tommy Mello, he let me in on two awesome ideas that show off how much of a fun person he is to work for…


  1. He made a 54-card deck that has their logo on them. These cards look and feel like regular playing cards but reveal on the one side training concepts and pertinent business information. He uses them with training and testing the knowledge of his employees. He even goes one step farther and makes it a game with a reward system where if everyone in one department gets all the questions right, they receive something special. So, instead of those prerecorded videos businesses use to sit their departments down monthly to watch where 80% of the employees are not paying attention, this is interactive. He can learn who knows their stuff, teach them new things, and even use them to break the ice between employees.


2. His second out of the box idea I found to be the most fun. When you are hiring employees to work directly with you, you need to be sure that they are someone you can work with be around, enjoy their company. In a regular interview, all you really get are stuffy pre-thought out answers to regularly asked questions. Tommy, however, decides to ask one extra question. He asks them to sing Happy Birthday with him. Now, this may seem bizarre but think about it for a moment. He is the kind of person that loves to be different, to think on the go, to have fun and goof off at work. If the person being interviewed sings along, they can have fun, be in the moment and would work well with Tommy. Can you imagine being in an interview, and after the regular questions of the who what where when you hear “one more question, will you sing Happy Birthday with me”.

Large businesses are always portrayed to be cold, stuffy and full of people on cell phones in grey or black suits. Why not make a difference? Embrace creativity and add a splash of color to every day to attract new employees or to hold onto the ones that you already have?

In this blog post, I want to challenge readers to share their creativity, show us how you think “out of the box” with your business. Show other business owners how to get their employees jumping up and happy to go to work, how you teach your departments without making them fall asleep. To make this even more fun, let’s make this into a competition. Everyone wins free marketing for their company, and a select few win slightly more. The rules and how this will work goes as follows:

  • To enter, comment below with your creative idea you use or have even thought about for your business. These can be ideas that are used anywhere in your business, from training to hiring to the set up of the desks at the office the sky is the limit.
  • With your post, put your name, your company’s website link, and of course the creative idea.
  • Just by entering you are promoting your business to all the other readers which means free marketing (that stuff you normally pay money for).
  • This will run until the last day of March.
  • After that time is up, the top 10 entries will be featured in a blog post. I will contact the top 10 winners and in the post, their idea will be featured as well as their business meaning MORE FREE MARKETING)
  • The top 2 entries will win the opportunity to be featured in Tommy Mello’s podcast (on this website) and you will talk about your idea, your business, and even have the opportunity to ask him questions. He has taken his business from $30,000 in debt to millions in profit.

Creativity deserves to be celebrated, even in business. We will be posting this across our social media sites as well, so if you know anyone with visionary ideas that should share them, please share the link with them.

Let’s help each other stand out of the norm together and change how people think about business. Your business can be anything you want it to be, start sharing and dream big.