The Home Service Expert podcast is the No. 1 podcast for ambitious home service entrepreneurs. In this show, I will talk with the best entrepreneurs and experts in the home service industry and beyond, to share insights that have made them successful: from the newest marketing tools to the best scaling strategies.

Previous podcast guests include Terry Nicholson (former national trainer of NYSE-listed home services company), Craig Smith (President of HomeAdvisor, a home services marketplace valued at $2B+) etc.

E30: Writing Copy That Makes Customers Ready To Buy

Ben is a renowned Internet marketer and one of the top email marketing specialists in the world today. He has over 15 years of experience doing direct response copywriting for his clients, helping them earn multimillion dollar sales in hypercompetitive markets. In this episode, we talked about email marketing, sales, lead generation…

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E29: Growing Your Bottom Line Through Better Execution

Thor is the founder of Peak Performance Group and the host of Peak Performance podcast. He is a successful entrepreneur who has founded, bought, and sold several multi-million dollar business throughout his entrepreneurial journey. As a profitability coach, his passion lies in helping business owners grow their bottom line through better execution. In this episode, we talked about accountability, client relationship management, hiring…

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E28: Making Networking Your Most Powerful Business Tool

Zach is a masterful networker, and the author of the book, “Don’t Sleep on Planes”. Zach’s passion includes helping people get over their fear of networking so they can connect with other people and engage with their own local communities. In this episode, we talked about networking, productivity, customer service…

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E27: Delivering Top-Notch Customer Service No Matter What

Parker is the CEO of Answer 1, a virtual receptionist and business answering service that caters to businesses from various industries. Among many of Answer 1’s achievements include maintaining a 0.01% complaint rate of number of calls answered, and making it to the Inc 5000 List of 2012. In this episode, we talked about customer service, marketing, hiring…

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E26: Setting Yourself Apart From The Rest In Your Market

Simone is the owner of Demo Diva Demolition, a trail-blazing business in a male-dominated industry. She made her mission of helping her neighbors a full-fledged business success after she lost her home and her job in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In this episode, we talked about management, marketing, business leadership…

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E25: Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business From The Ground Up

Jason is the Founder, President, and CEO of Phillips’ Painting, Roofing and Gutters, a multi-million dollar business. He was featured in CNBC’s Blue Collar Millionaires in 2017, which cast light on how he built his business 19 years ago with with a bucket of paint, $2 to his name, and unparalleled determination. In this episode, we talked about customer service, hiring, management…

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E24: Earning Your Customers’ Attention With Consistent Branding

Michael is the Founder and CEO of Michael Baldwin Inc, a branding and coaching firm that aims to help individuals and companies to communicate their mission and passion through their brand. He is an accomplished speaker and leader in the communications industry, and has won several professional awards for his work in corporate branding, including the David Ogilvy Award of Leaders, the Cannes Gold Lion, and Ad Age’s “‘Best of the Year”’ TV Campaign award for copywriting. In this episode, we talked about branding, marketing, leadership…

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E23: Combining Digital with Direct Mail For 10x Marketing Results

Jason is the Chief Marketing Officer of RSVP Publications, a marketing agency that converts affluent homeowners into customers for local business owners. He and his team handle the direct response marketing for big brands, including Verizon, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus. With the proven formula of direct mail in combination with digital marketing, RSVP has grown to offer their service to over 80 locations, and has been making it to Entrepreneur.com’s prestigious Top 500 Franchises list every year. In this episode, we talked about direct mail, digital marketing, hyper local…

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E22: Creating Maximum Efficiency by Going Lean

Ryan is the Director of Consortia at The Association of Manufacturing Excellence, the largest Lean membership organization in the world. His mission is to educate businesses about the power of the lean methodology, and help them harness it to achieve operational excellence. In this episode, we talked about management, organization, efficiency…

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